Rainbow Kids volunteers serve as small group facilitators or site coordinators (the person in charge at the host church).

Facilitator and coordinator trainings are offered twice per year. Registration is required.

Volunteers must be adults (21 or older) who have a strong desire to help children or adults through a difficult time in their lives.

Volunteers must provide three personal references and undergo a background check.

Volunteer Facilitators will:

  • Help shape a participant’s self-image
  • Help shape a participant’s values
  • Provide emotional support for the partcipant
  • Help each participant see that s/he is lovable just as s/he is

Qualities of a Facilitator:

  • Enjoys working with the age group s/he is facilitating
  • is able to listen, communicate, and share self openly
  • Has motives of love, concern, and profound respect for others
  • is a person who has found an identity in life
  • Can accept negative emotion
  • Knows how to keep a confidence
  • is capabel of working well with others

Responsibilities of a Volunteer:

  • Attendance at an initial 3.5 hours facilitator training session
  • Attendance at in-service at host site provided by Rainbow Kids
  • Availability for the duration of the program for which s/he has volunteered